eSettle did such a great job with keeping us updated along the way via email on a weekly basis. They never gave up and fought for us the entire time. eSettle was also working on our first mortgage, which they got modified for us as well.  

Nichols Family - Langley, WA

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Los Angeles,


It is our pleasure to recommend Cristal Paz to help you with your mortgage loan modifications and re-financing. Due to the down turn in the film production market in Los Angeles we found ourselves in a precarious situation. We needed to obtain a loan modification but because we had substantial equity in our home we were told by lawyers, banks and real estate professionals that we would never be able to get a loan modification from our lender. Time and time again we were told, tilt is highly unlikely that your mortgage company will work with you because you have too much equity in your home." We were above the income market and home value market for any of the Federal Assistance programs available to us at the time. We attended all the "Save Your Home " seminars put on by lenders and real estate professionals and were told it was pretty much hopeless. We were basically told our lender wanted our house, we were stuck.

Thankfully we were referred by a friend of ours in the commercial real estate market to Cristal. After speaking with Cristal she assured us she would be able to help us and save our home. Cristal guided us through the process and worked diligently to save our home. Within forty days of working with Cristal our lender agreed to a loan modification. with very favorable terms for us. We were told it couldn't be done and Cristal got it done she saved our home.... that we built and have lived in for seventeen years.


There are no words for the gratitude we have for Cristal. She is a genius at what she does and we recommend her enough. She saved our home and she is our hero. If you have any questions or would like to talk to us about Cristal we would be more than happy to talk to you.




Apache Junction, 


I first want to say thank you AGAIN Cristal Paz!! Everything that we did together always went so smooth. From day one, communication, questions answered, calls, emails, I couldn’t have asked for more. Every day of the process I stood by waiting for what may come up next. We always got it right the first time. That was awesome!! It was fun to get to know Cristal Paz, you are great! I will remember this experience forever. Everything was just so organized, the way it needs to be. You are top notch! I’m keeping a file on you and if anyone asks me for help and who should I call??? That’s an easy answer, Cristal Paz at 813—806-6444.




I took out a 2nd mortgage on my home 10+ years age, it was an interest only loan so I was paying 100% interest with zero being paid toward the principal. When my 10 years was up, I started getting notices that new loan was going to triple in payment because it was now going to be fully amortized ever 23 years instead of 30 years 
because the bank counted the 1st 10 years as part at the package. The payment was too steep and I wasn’t going to be able to afford it.

It was beyond frustrating and it looked like I had he way out. I got nowhere dealing with the bank on my own. The bank holding the loan said I could afford the payment, but that same bank (and other lenders) said I did not qualify to renegotiate the loan. It was maddening! I could not afford to pay 3x my normal payment and still maintain my
household. The bank suggested I sell my home which I did not want to do. I was stuck.


Cristal Paz was recommended to me by a very good friend who completed a successful loan modification working with her. I’m a Realtor, so I know that almost no one gets a loan modification approved. I’ve heard countless attempts at loan mods from several of my clients and almost all with the same ending — they wasted their money
with some attorney who said they could do something that they inevitably did not accomplish


| worked with Cristal for almost 1 full year. She submitted my case repeatedly. I was rejected a minimum of 4 times. Mentally, I gave up on it. Every time my loan modification was rejected, Cristal would tweak the package knowing what the bank was looking for and she’d resubmit.

She got it approved! Cristal Paz got my loan modification approved! My monthly payments are back down to what I was paying including principal and interest and an affordable fixed interest rate. 

I highly recommend Cristal Paz. She will always be my go-to atterney for all my personal legal needs. She’s smart, tenacious, resilient and she does what she says she’s going to do.



After trying to settle my 2nd mortgage on my own. It was apparent that my efforts were getting me nowhere. It was beyond frustrating and really depressing because the lender was simply ignoring me. I searched around and found eSettle who quickly turned my frustration into optimism. They guided me in taking the proper steps that made the lender take my case serious. They handled all of the paper work and negotiation and counseled me through the entire process. I was able to settle my second loan for half of what I owed and pay it off in full. I could not have done this without eSettle's help. 

Thank you, eSettle. 

Luis M. 



I wanted to send you a note and thank you for settling my second mortgage for 11% of the balance. The bank sure took a long time, and I can never speak to their speed or efficiency, but your ability to work with them and keep them focused despite the lengthy process is what got the job done. 

You always kept me informed, and I never once felt like I would have been better off trying to tackle this on my own. You were extremely responsive throughout this process, and you always made me feel like my loan was your number one priority. 


I was skeptical going into this process, and I was hesitant about sharing my personal information and accounts, but I really needed hep with this debt. I signed on with an identity protection company because it gave me peace of mind, but it wasn't long before I realized my hesitancy was totally unwarranted and my information was safe with your firm. 


I'm truly grateful to you, and as corny as it sounds, my future is completely changed in having settled this debt, and what once looked hopeless is no longer. 


Thank you! 





eSettle had helped us with our loan modification. They worked on all the paper work that was requested. She conferred with the bank on all corresponds and made the corrections and modifications that were needed for our loan modification. 

eSettle contacted us when something was needed for the bank, and to inform us of what decisions the bank had made. She gave us options of what we could do to save our home. 

eSettle is persistent and dedicated to their job. 

Thank you, 


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